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Collaborative Communities

Project Closed 30th June 2014


Between 2009 - 2014 Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services joined together with the County Councils in Carmarthenshire, Neath Port Talbot, Pembrokeshire and Swansea and the County Voluntary Councils in Carmarthenshire, Neath Port Talbot and Swansea to form a unique partnership to combine resources for the success of the project.

The partnership drew together expertise and experience to share best practice across the region. This project was part-funded by the EU’s Convergence European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government and was led by Carmarthenshire County Council.

For information contact the Development Team (01437) 769 422 or e-mail development@pavs.org.uk






Are you a social enterprise?

There are at least 55,000 social enterprises in the UK generating more than £27 billion turnover. Wales has about 600 organisations with a turnover of £158 million, employing some 3,000 people.

These dynamic businesses are founded for a social purpose, reinvest their profits in the organisation or community - and change lives for the better everyday.

Many are registered charities, all are trading. Some are businesses which generate all their income from trading; others are organisations which trade but also receive grants and donations.

Trading is not just about buying and selling goods, it can include:-

  • hiring out space
  • charging for services eg training
  • having a contract eg for day care, benefits advice or recycling services

So, you may be running one or more social enterprises in Pembrokeshire right now!

Report on Economic Inactivity in Pembrokeshire

A Summary of Information Sources and Data Trends for Pembrokeshire

If you require information on economic inactivity / assisting adults aged 26+ into active employment or related training / supportive activity this report is for you.  It should be particular useful for bids for EU Convergence and other funding opportunities for Social Enterprises such as Social Firms / schemes that create opportunities for people disadvantaged in the labour market.

The report is for use by all parties including social enterprises, local voluntary and community organisations, support organisations, and public bodies.  It is issued in electronic format and readers are welcome to extract from the report to support their bids (with acknowledgement to PAVS of course!)

The final report is now completed.  If you would like a copy of the report please contact PAVS.


The Charity Commission has published its revised guidance on charities and trading to help charities avoid the potential risks of trading and get the most out of their trading activities, while also complying with their legal and fiscal requirements.

Trustees, trade and tax - how charities may lawfully trade, has been developed in response to the Better Regulation Commission's call for clear guidance on the subject, and with input from HMRC and representatives from key charities. The guidance provides clear answers to the questions most commonly asked by charities and reflects the latest tax and VAT position, as well as setting out a more flexible policy for funding and investing in trading companies.

Health and Social Care Social Enterprises

All over the UK Social Enterprises are developing either as a result of a new idea in the community or as spin offs or trading arms of charities.  Another way in which Social Enterprises are setting up is as a result of existing services in statutory agencies such as health and social services externalising services and looking to the not for profit sector to provide them rather than private businesses. 

The early results of this have been impressive, with improved financial management and increased staffing levels.  In some cases the aspiring service provider has taken the initiative and developed a successful alternative service to the one offered by the health or social service agency. A 60 page report has just been published by the UK Social Enterprise Coalition giving examples of progress with these developments including Turning Point, Local Care Direct, Sunderland Home Care Associates and The Big Life Company. 
A free copy of the report is yours at www.socialenterprise.org.uk/documents/Healthy_Business.pdf

Charities thinking about developing a new enterprise

If you are an enterprising  charity about to develop a new the project the following document issued in November 2006 could help you prepare the ground and get started.

“Is it a Good Idea ? : A Guide for Charities Considering New Social Enterprise Activity”

The report was written by Jean Barclay of CASS Business School and is available at


There are a range of other really useful websites and reports but there are too many to put here and some will not suit your needs.  Please contact PAVS for details of what is available.










  Contact PAVS: enquiries@pavs.org.uk Tel: (01437) 769422

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