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Good practice

We all set out to try to do things in the best way possible. This page aims to provide some insight into why this should be a priority for voluntary and community groups as well as providing links to a range of model policies and good practice guides which can be used as a starting point in improving your organisation.

Good practice can often seem like a luxury or a meaningless paper exercise in the real world of running a voluntary and community group. However it can be used positively to help you to objectively examine whether you are doing things in the most effective way and thus lead to the development of your organisation and the services you provide.

Reasons for developing good practice and recording this in the form of a set of policies and procedures can be very varied and many groups can operate very successfully over long periods of time without doing so.

Positive reasons for developing good practice might include:
  • A significant change in the nature of the group from one purely involving volunteers to one of employing staff.
  • The undertaking of a new responsibility such as the leasing or owning of property.
  • The delivery of a new service eg the provision of a youth club.
  • To broaden awareness of the benefits of getting involved with your group.
  • To learn from your mistakes and do things better next time.

More reactive reasons might include:

  • If a prospective funder expects certain policies to be in place before making their funds available.
  • If things go wrong and a group feels there is no clear way of dealing with the challenge facing them.
  • Dealing with complaints.

Whatever the reason, good practice is something that we should all be striving for and PAVS aims to lead the sector by example. All of our policies are continuously being reviewed and developed in the light of our experience and are available as models which can be downloaded here in a format whereby they can be modified to suit your purpose.


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