Consultation PAVS Business Plan
PAVS would welcome your comments on this condensed version of our Business Plan or on the original version.  These should be sent to:
36/38 High Street
SA61 2DA

All comments will be welcome, but it would be helpful if consideration could be given to the following questions (please use continuation sheets if necessary):
PAVS Mission Statement
Does it leave anything out?  
Does it include anything you think should be excluded?  
How well does PAVS achieve its mission?
Encouraging voluntary activity        
Supporting its members        
Engaging with public & private sectors        
Promoting the vision of the third sector in Pembrokeshire        
Can PAVS help your organisation to achieve its vision?  
PAVS values and approach
Is there anything that has been left out?  
Is anything included that should be excluded?  
How well does PAVS exemplify its professed values?
Adopting an Outcomes Approach
Does your organisation practice an Outcomes Approach?    
PAVS activities
Please consider each of the mission statements in turn.  In each case:

Do you think PAVS has identified the right set of activities to achieve the mission statement?

If not, what activities need to be added or taken out?
To encourage voluntary activity  
To support its full and associate members  
To engage with the public and private sectors  
To promote the vision of the third sector in Pembrokeshire  
PAVS services
Does your organisation use any of PAVS services?        
Many thanks for your time - please press the submit button below.
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