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Volunteering Accreditation for people over 25

25+V Logo


25+V is a new accreditation scheme being piloted by PAVS in Pembrokeshire which gives recognition and accreditation to people over 25 for their volunteering activities.

Certificates are awarded for 50, 100 and 200 hours of volunteering (up to 50 hours can be backdated).

  • Do you want to enhance and build your CV if you are unemployed?
  • Do you want to gain work experience?
  • Do you want to develop your skills, gain qualifications and increase your job prospects?
  • Do you want to evidence your volunteering?
  • Do you want to help your local community?
  • Or simply want something to do and meet new people?

PAVS Volunteering Pembrokeshire can help!


PAVS’ experienced advisors can discuss your needs and match you with a suitable volunteering opportunity.

Look for local volunteering opportunities on www.volunteering-wales.net (opens new window)

Make an appointment to see an advisor at PAVS Volunteering Pembrokeshire who will assist you with making a choice

PAVS has over 400 registered volunteering opportunities including:

  • Working with people
  • Environment and conservation
  • Sport
  • Office and IT
  • Arts, media and music
  • Charity shops and retail
  • Management and Trustees

For more information please contact PAVS Volunteering Pembrokeshire on 01437 769422 or email volunteering@pavs.org.uk


Volunteer Profile
Five minutes with …… Jacqui Brace

PAVS: Please tell us about the volunteering you’ve been doing Jacqui.
JB: I’m administering the Treats for Time scheme at PAVS, which I’ve been doing since September 2013.

PAVS: What made you get involved with PAVS?
JB: I was out of work and wanted to get experience in I.T. and admin. I had worked in administration many years ago, before having children, and I’d started an I.T. course through Experience Counts but needed to get my confidence back. One day I got talking to Jean from PAVS in Fishguard, where we both live, and said I had thought about doing some volunteering; she told me that where she worked – PAVS - needed a volunteer administrator for the Treats for Time scheme and suggested I apply for it. I went to PAVS a few days later to meet the Volunteering team and before I knew it I’d signed up as a volunteer!

PAVS: How is the volunteering going?
JB: it’s going really well. I enjoy my time in the PAVS office and I really enjoy the work I do as a volunteer, processing ‘treats’ from local businesses for people who have volunteered for 50 hours.

PAVS: What made you think of becoming a volunteer in the first place?
JB: I was (and still am) already volunteering, portraying ‘Jemima Nicholas,’ Fishguard’s local heroine who almost single-handedly fought off the French during the last invasion of Britain in 1797! However, as much as I enjoy being ‘Jemima’ I wanted to get back into office work having spent years looking after my family, and knew I needed to do something else to help me find work.

PAVS: Has volunteering helped you to do other things?
JB: Yes definitely, I feel more confident in general and I have recently got a job in retail; the interviewers were very impressed by the fact that I volunteered for PAVS and I found that my volunteering gave me something to talk about at interview to show that I had recent work experience! Technology has changed so much over the years that I found the idea of working in an office environment again scary. I would never have built up enough confidence to apply for admin jobs if I hadn’t volunteered for PAVS, but now I feel that I could confidently apply.

PAVS: What helps you to keep going?
JB: I get to chat to or meet so many different people who have volunteered and earned ‘treats’ so it’s a lovely thing to do. The hours are very flexible which suits my childcare needs etc. The team I work with are very supportive; when I first started Caroline used to sit with me most of the time initially to make sure I was coping with the work. Caroline explained everything really clearly and was very approachable and patient. After a few volunteering sessions, as my confidence grew she gradually withdrew from the intensive support but she and Jean are always available to help if needed.

PAVS: What kind of volunteering or work would you like to do in the future?
JB: I currently have a job in retail but would really like to get a paid office job in the near future. In the meantime I would like to do some more courses to help develop my work skills and I will continue to volunteer at PAVS and as Jemima!







To register with PAVS Volunteering Pembrokeshire download the Volunteering Registration Form and send to:

PAVS Office

36/38 High Street



SA61 2DA


Click here to view all of our registered volunteering opportunities on the Volunteering Wales web site.

For more information contact PAVS Volunteering Pembrokeshire on 01437 769422 or email volunteering@pavs.org.uk



  Contact PAVS: enquiries@pavs.org.uk Tel: (01437) 769422

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